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We aim to Inspire others to get out and be active.


We aim to connect as many runners to each other as we possibly can.


We aim to motivate others to continue to smash their goals.


We aim to educate runners so they can improve and enjoy their journey.


We aim to project positivity out to the running community

At Runspire we believe that the running community plays such a huge role in our individual journeys. Having like minded, inspiring and motivating people around is so important. Being part of a team, a club or an online community and having a support system around can help you in so many ways. This could be mentally, physically, intellectually and socially! ⁣

Connecting people with other runners is something we strive to achieve at Runspire. We believe that bringing people together can genuinely be life changing. That may be having a new friend, someone to learn from or just someone to admire. There are only benefits from talking and meeting with people that share similar interests to you. ⁣

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the competitive side of running. That may be with yourself or with others. It’s easy to become obsessed with your goals that you forget about all the other people that support your journey. As runners we tend to ostracise ourselves and it can become lonely. Remember running doesn’t have to be a lonely sport. ⁣