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The Team

Matt Walters

The Founder

Hi, my name is Matthew Walters and I am the founder of Runspire. I’ve ran everything from 5k to 50k. I don’t have a preferred distance and I enjoy both road and trail running. I created Runspire to have an online running community of runners so that people could connect with likeminded individuals. Runspire (run to inspire) was created with the motive of inspiring others to run. It quickly came apparent to me that Runspire was so much more than an online running community. Runspire started connecting runners and bringing people together, worldwide! Runspire members began educating each other and others. Runspire members always spread positivity throughout the team and across social media which would motive others. This is why the 5 pillars of Runspire was created: Inspiring, Connecting, Motivation, Education and Positivity.

Runspire Team

The Team

The Runspire team has grown drastically since it started in April 2019. It started with 3 people in a WhatsApp group with a view to support each other on their running journeys has now developed into a team of over 450 members from all over the world, connected through the power of social media. Each and every one of us are inspiring runners, with our own goals, motivations, achievements and journeys through running, all dedicated to improving our running community. We are Runspire: a community of inspiring people motivated to connect runners and bring people together.